Our Projects

If you are looking for a rush job and some one who does not pay attention to detail, we’re sorry but you are in the wrong place.

Every single vehicle that we touch, our main priority is the details. G’s Custom is known for creating experiences in the automotive world where you know that your vehicle was truly loved. Every detail.


We take our time in developing the vision of our clients. Our number one priority is in the details.

Quality Coverage

We offer the best the automotive industry offers. Clients love our life time warranties within select services.


Whether you are looking to keep up with current trends or start your own. Creativity allows the space for infinite possibilities.


Our specialists have just the right touch to create the magic required for the customization of your vehicle. Experts. Automotive Masters.


About G's Custom

Simply put. We’re different. Our reputation is rooted within the Nashville community and we are proud to carry our family values within the foundation of our business. Our specialists are doing what they love. It’s not a job for us, it’s our purpose. Come on in. Meet our family.


Our Work

From the effortlessness of window tinting to the complexities of audio installation and wrapping, at G’s Custom we have proven methods that totally enhance the value of your vehicle and level up the confidence within clients.


What we do

We take the trends in the automotive world and make them our own. The vision you have for your vehicle becomes our mission. Creativity and little bit of our family magic rebuilds, restores, and renews the entire appearance and experience of your vehicle.